Zara Thorne


Zara Thorne is the writing name of Deirdre Palmer.

Deirdre lives in Brighton, on the south coast of England. She writes women’s fiction, with strong themes of family, friendship and love, and the challenges ordinary people face in their everyday lives.

Four of her novels are published by Crooked Cat under her own name. Believing it’s a good idea to write what you know, Deirdre set Dirty Weekend and its sequel, Moonshine, in the 1960s. These are fast-paced, fun reads, but with a serious side as the young characters get to grips with life’s problems. Remarkable Things and Never Coming Back are more thought-provoking reads, with themes such as adoption, motherhood, bereavement and guilt, but both have their lighter moments, too.

Deirdre also writes short stories and is published by D C Thomson for The People’s Friend magazine.

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