Wedding Bells at Luxmore Park

Book 2 in the Luxmore Park series

Weddings are meant to be joyous occasions, brimming with excitement and the expectation of new beginnings, but for Annie Gibson this particular one brings a whole other set of issues: the rich Gibbs family and their mysterious foibles.

It’s six months after Annie and Seb began dating, and his sister Veronica’s lavish wedding is fast approaching. While Annie enjoys her every moment with this wonderful man, and begins considering her own future with him, his mother Clarisse proves to be a formidable presence that might overshadow all that Annie could wish for.

Navigating the waters of upper crust family dinners, Hen Party hijinks and a mansion full of secrets, all the while feeling like she doesn’t belong, Annie has to decide what, or whom, she will choose above all things.

You can enjoy Annie and Seb’s first encounters in “DRAWN HEARTS AT LUXMORE PARK”.