The Little Village on the Hill by Jo Bartlett

When Scarlett West’s husband goes out to buy supplies for the B&B hotel they run, and never comes back, she’s left to try and make a new life for herself and her four year old daughter, Ava.

Returning to the village where she grew up, Scarlett starts to put down new roots, working as a teacher at the primary school and throwing herself into rural life. When she’s not sorting out playground wars between competitive parents, making carrot costumes for Harvest Festival, or trying to avoid her mother’s well-intentioned but disastrous attempts at match-making, life is pretty good.

All that changes after a series of anonymous phone calls and messages start to arrive, and Scarlett finds her comfortable new life under threat. When her husband, Luke, makes a sudden reappearance in Little Knollside, she hopes she can finally put the past, and the sinister threats she’s been getting, behind her. But when a terrible accident leaves Ava’s life hanging in the balance, and it seems that new boyfriend, Cam, is the only person Scarlett can trust, her past comes back to haunt her in a way she could never have imagined.

Formerly published as ‘You, Me And The Class of 2003’ in February 2019.