The Gift of Christmas Yet to Come by Jo Bartlett

Surrounded by friends she has had since childhood, with a job she loves, as a special-needs teacher at the primary school in beautiful St Nicholas Bay, Kate Harris has it all … well, almost. As Christmas rolls round once again, she longs for a child of her own to share it with.

In a town where Christmas is big business all year round, it turns out Santa Claus isn’t the only one with mysterious powers. When a psychic reveals that the answer to her future will come in red and white, Kate follows this sign. It leads her to disastrous dating agencies and demoralising dead-ends until, finally, the answer seems to be revealed.

But will her search for the missing piece of her family mean she doesn’t recognise the one person who’s loved her from the start? Or can Kate really have it all in time for the perfect Christmas?

The Gift of Christmas Yet to Come is available here.