Secrets at Luxmore Park

Book 3 in the Luxmore Park series

Surprises are fun, but only when they’re nice ones.

From the wedding planning through to the big day itself, and then beyond into the early days of their marriage, it had all proved to be a dream-come-true for Annie and Seb. Together, they awoke to step into each new day as Mr and Mrs Gibbs. And together they contended with the highs and lows of what each of those days presented. It was the most magical feeling.

The problem, however, was that the dream was never meant to include the kinds of secrets that start revealing themselves along the way. Some of these revelations are delightful, others anything but, and yet there’s one in particular that serves to confound Annie amidst everything else. She soon discovers she needs to use her wits to not only help her and Seb have the best start to their married life, but perhaps even to save Luxmore Park itself.

You can enjoy Annie and Seb’s earlier adventures in “DRAWN HEARTS AT LUXMORE PARK” and “WEDDING BELLS AT LUXMORE PARK”.