Murder at the Highland Practice by Jo Bartlett

DI Hannah Blair has returned to Scotland to head up a small team of detectives investigating the whole range of crimes that occur in the wild Highlands. When her team is asked to investigate a suspicious death in the rural town of Balloch Pass, Blair isn’t just looking for a potential killer, she’s also chasing the ghosts of her past.

Dr Noah Bradshaw has only been in town for a year. But as one of three GPs in the small medical practice, he’s already well-liked in the community… until the finger of suspicion points at him, and some of his patients start to believe he really could be capable of murder.

With a local priest also under suspicion, Blair is preoccupied by her strained relationship with her father and her unwanted attraction to one of the suspects, until the investigation seems to be slipping through her fingers. But when Noah reveals the secret that brought him to Balloch Pass, everything changes…

Blair faces a race against time to stop the killer striking again, and grab her own chance of happiness with both hands.

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