And The Jukebox Played Their Song by Pat Posner

Welcome back to Broome Park Prefab Village for a long read. Make new friends, meet up with old ones, join Polly in the new coffee bar where she plays songs on the jukebox, enjoy the summer and autumn of 1955 and discover some secrets in the village.

Polly’s parents are going to Wales for her father to convalesce after having TB. Polly’s dismayed to hear she’s to go and stay with her grandmother. Gran and Mum don’t seem to like each other much; there’s always a tense atmosphere when Gran visits them. Polly has never been to her grandmother’s so she has no idea she’ll be spending the summer and autumn of 1955 living in a prefab. She knows she’ll be miles away from home, though. And miles away from Johnny – her skiffle playing boyfriend.

Johnny tells Polly he’ll come and see her every week no matter how far away she is. But will Gran be like Mum and disapprove of Johnny, think Polly too young to be in love and forbid her to see him?

Life in Broome Park Prefab Village is better than Polly thought it would be. She makes new friends and grows close to her gran (not only because Gran allows her to see Johnny) and can’t understand why Mum and Gran don’t get on. Feeling sure something happened between them in the past, Polly is determined to find out the reason for the discord.

The answer comes about in a rather surprising way…

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