A Kiss From A Rose

roseKearton Bay Book 2: After having a pretty rubbish life for years, Rose MacLean thinks she’s overdue a break, and, at last, things are going her way. She’s a partner in a thriving business, her financial problems are easing, and her eldest daughter has finally found employment, while her youngest is doing well at school.

The trouble is, nothing in Rose’s life ever runs smoothly for long. Sure enough, her eldest daughter quits her job, and her youngest changes—almost overnight—from Shirley Temple into Miley Cyrus. To make matters worse, her mother is back on the scene, and she seems to be reliving her misspent youth with her oily-haired, horse-faced ex, Alec Thoroughgood.

With her best friend preoccupied with the arduous task of baby-making, a slimming club leader in meltdown, and a family that seems determined to break her, Rose finds herself relying more and more on the quiet Flynn Pennington-Rhys, who seems to be everyone’s hero.

But Flynn has his own problems, and as events take an unexpected turn, Rose realises that she may not always be able to rely on him.

Will the quiet man come through for her? Will her daughters ever sort themselves out? And will Rose ever get her bedroom back from her mother, or is she destined for a life on the sofa?

‘A Kiss From A Rose’ is available here.