Jackie Ladbury

jackie-picJackie freely admits that, as a child, she didn’t do anything literary apart from winning a prize for an article on tea production in India and making up a story about knives and forks that danced once the kitchen light was turned off. Like most teenagers, she wrote some angsty poetry, but was generally much happier tearing around green fields on old bikes, making rose-petal perfume which went dish-water brown within seconds, and tending to drowsy wasps in her wasp hospital.

After a career as an air stewardess, the idea of writing a novel crept up on Jackie slowly and she currently has several projects on the go. Whenever she has  a spare moment she’s back with her sexy rock star, her sun-tanned sea diver, or her dishy Victorian doctor.  Just don’t tell her husband!

We are delighted that Jackie’s debut novel – Air Guitar and Caviar – a contemporary romance, was released by Fabrian Books in January 2017, and her second novel – The Magic of Stars – was released in January 2018. You can find out more about Jackie and her upcoming release on her website.