Drawn Hearts at Luxmore Park

Book 1 in the Luxmore Park series

The Somerset art retreat was an impromptu chance for photographer Annie and her Mum to get away together, and so the last thing on Annie’s mind was falling in love while there.

As her week unfolds, and the village’s residents welcome her with open arms, it’s local electrician Seb who captivates her attention in particular. While the mysteries of the neighbouring private estate Luxmore Park begin to enthral her, Seb himself is hooked by this dizzying young woman but reservations prevent Annie from diving in. Despite her own protests however, events conspire to paint a new picture for Annie in surprising ways.

“A Jane Austen tale in a contemporary setting” ~ Jo Bartlett

This is the first in a new series of Luxmore Park novels by Jen Sumner.

Jen Sumner is actually a writing team: Jennie and Steve Dunn have been married for twenty five years and are still suckers for the romantic. Jennie comes up with the story and character ideas, while Steve turns them into sentences. He has five of his own books published, and this series is their first collaboration. There are plans for many more to come.