Coming Home by Zara Thorne

Holly Engleby expected to come home from university with a degree. She never imagined she’d be back in Charnley Acre with only half her course completed – and a baby on the way.

Her friends and family – especially Laura, her mother – are shocked and saddened when Holly tells them she plans to have the baby adopted. But she has her reasons, and they aren’t for sharing.

As summer comes, she settles back into village life. She finds a job in The Ginger Cat café, and a house share. When Isaac, the owner of the house, moves in, he falls in love with her. Holly falls for him, too, but denies her feelings; life is complicated enough.

Text messages arrive from Lorcan, the ex-boyfriend Holly thought she’d banished from her life. But with Lorcan’s obsessive personality, it was never going to be that easy…

The events of the summer take their toll, and Holly’s resolve begins to crumble. As autumn approaches, she faces the most heart-breaking decision of her life.

How can she be sure she’s got it right?

And is she destined to live in the shadow of her past mistakes and deny herself the chance of love with Isaac?

Coming Home is the stand-alone sequel to the best-selling Christmas at Spindlewood, and the second book in the Charnley Acre series, and is available on and