A Welcome at Cloud Cottage by Zara Thorne

Twelve-year-old Ramona Donnelly is not your average pre-teen. When Tilly, her grandmother, goes missing, Ramona is determined to handle the situation without involving anyone else. She knows what happens to children left at home alone: the social people come and cart them away, and that is not going to happen to her.

Keeping her identity a secret, she traces Tilly, first to the hospital, then to a nursing home for people with dementia. But that’s all wrong, because Tilly hasn’t got dementia, has she? It’s clear to Ramona what’s happened – Tilly’s been muddled up with somebody else. All she needs to do is carry on her normal life while she waits for Tilly to be un-muddled and delivered safely home.

Ramona meets Emily, who looks just like the weather girl on the telly. The two become friends, and Emily welcomes Ramona to her home, Cloud Cottage, whilst believing in the family Ramona has invented for herself as a cover story.
Emily becomes fond of Ramona, the sweet, quirky, intelligent girl whose prize possession is a collection of animal bones she finds in the fields. When the truth about Tilly emerges, Emily willingly takes on a greater role in Ramona’s life.

But Emily has her own problems – her trust in boyfriend Ethan is wavering. Does he really love her? And why does he find Ramona’s visits to Cloud Cottage so disturbing?

A Welcome at Cloud Cottage is an uplifting story about courage, love, and the healing power of friendship, and is available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk