Every Picture Tells a Story…

…or so they say. For me, one of the nicest parts of bringing out a new book is choosing – and working on – the cover image. This is the fun bit after the stress of editing and proof-reading.
My cover designer is the fabulous Debbie at The Cover Collection. I’ve worked with her since my third book, and the-saturday-secret-ebook-for-amazonwe’ve always managed to produce an image that created a suitably spooky and sinister atmosphere… and exactly that was the first problem I encountered when I started to look for a cover for The Saturday Secret, my first collection of feel-good short stories. My other books are psychological suspense novels, so my usual rummage round the horror section on The Cover Collection’s website was unlikely to produce results.
Okay, I said to myself. The romance section is huge, surely I’ll find something there. And I have to say it was a refreshing change, scrolling through lovely scenic photos, and pics of wedding rings and flowers etc. Not a dead body or a zombie in sight…
My usual modus operandi with book covers is to find an image on Debbie’s website, and then we work together, tweaking it according to the feeling I want to create. But again, this time was different. I hadn’t been two minutes in the romance section before the next problem hit me.
What was I looking for, actually? The Saturday Secret is a collection of short stories. Some are romantic, some humorous, some bittersweet. I should maybe add that at this point, I hadn’t settled on a title for my book either. Ideas like Tea Break Tales were floating through my head – or should I take the title of one of the stories? A thorough search of the website didn’t produce any images I fancied for Tea Break Tales, but several pics could fit one or other of the stories. I could choose that bride and groom pic, and call the book after The Party Partners. Or the pic with the bike, and call it after Lucky for Some. Or something with a baby??? There are a couple of baby stories in there too…
Then I saw it – the ideal cover image. A garden bench, just like the one in my story The Saturday Secret. Perfect! It was the work of a moment to change the original wisteria in my text to roses, and give one of the characters an apple to munch. The image needed no tweaking, apart from some contrast on the edging.
And here it is, my first-born non-psychological suspense book. I’m really pleased to have the support of the magnificent Fabrian Books team with this venture – doing something completely different can be scary, so huge thanks there!
The Saturday Secret is a charity collection. All 2017 profits will be going to Doctors Without Borders, so everyone who buys this book will be contributing to making some poor soul’s life a little easier. I’ll finish off now by saying a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who does exactly that!

Linda lindahuber


Congratulations, Linda! The Saturday Secret is available to buy here.





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